We're Busy Too

One of my pet hates, is when someone says "Im Busy" when trying to organise something.

I don't discredit the fact that someone is genuinely doing something, but it doesn't seem that difficult to look through your calendar and find a mutual date and time that works for both. Yes I realise that it can happen that you may actually have a full calendar, but saying "Im busy" to me, is just saying "You're such a low priority in my life, Im not going to even look at my calendar".

I do get the impression though from time to time that some other people, mainly those with children, families, partners - seem to think that us single people, have a load of expendable time.

Just because we don't have a family to spend time on, doesn't mean we're not busy ourselves. Some of us may work two jobs, volunteer, they might have to work longer hours, train for their job. We have no one to share the burden with, we have no one to do our cooking, shopping, washing and cleaning. We have to organise all our own appointments. We may be the ones caring, looking out for others, we may have other commitments you don't realise. Though we're isolated, sometimes it's not by choice. Sometimes we wouldn't mind sharing a nice home cooked meal. Perhaps there's something we can do for you? Let me just look through my calendar? Im busy for the next two weeks. But how about three weeks on Friday?


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