The Upper Hand House

Im a great fan of The Upper Hand TV show. It was filmed by Central Independent Television in Nottingham using the scripts of the American sitcom, Who's the Boss as a basis.

Im a fan of regional television, Central in particular being my local region and wish it would return.

But I've always been curious to find the Upper Hand House.

I have now found the house. I found it on Google Maps and Street View and visited the area on Sunday and took my own photographs. For security and privacy reasons, I cannot divulge the location, but once I've suitably blurred out any identifying details, I may post a picture of the house - the decision will be based on the fact that pictures of the house are available on a DVD.

I would love to share with you the area, as we could have fan days and visit the local pub, but I have been advised there is a restriction on posting pictures of the house for security purposes. I don't think this is true, and nothing in UK Law stops me from doing this as far as I know as I was stood on public land.

However for privacy, I will not share the location.


Unknown said…
I will its the old barn at Hickling .
Unknown said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
sjdean said…
I don't know when the comment came in, but you're 100% right. The Old Barn in Hickling. Lovely place and a wonderful little village.
Unknown said…
When it needs an anonymous commentator to give an article some substance.

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