What's Wrong with Jezza?

What's wrong with Jeremy Corbyn?

We have a situation in the UK where not only is he rejecting Teresa May's deal, which, according to the EU is the only deal, he is also rejecting No Deal.

This therefore must mean, he wants to remain.

The EU, is like a brick wall to me, yet he thinks, at this late hour, that he has more chance of negotiating a better deal with them, than Teresa May does. Except he has failed at the first hurdle. If you say No Deal is not an option, then you automatically line yourself up to the prospect of a much much words deal than Teresa May could have come up with. What you're saying, is that you have to have a deal at any cost.

If on the other hand he is seeking to remain, then he has rejected British Democracy and holds it to contempt. What is the point of voting in a referendum or in elections, when you can just reject the vote, much like the left did two years ago with Donald "not my president" Trump?

If however he does not wish to remain, then why has he not accepted an invitation to join in talks with Teresa May to find a way forward? Why insist that No Deal is taken off the table? Because all he seems to be interested in is arguing with the government. Jeremy Corbyn wants power at any cost. This is a typical mantra of the left. It doesn't matter about the cost, as long as the result is relative morality. I can see that he does not want to agree on a deal with the government and wants to vote it down, which means if he isn't rejecting Democracy, the only option is No Deal. I can see the government having to do No Deal, then having Jeremy Corbyn leering over the dying embers of a broken and battered Britain saying "I told you so", when he had the power to agree a good deal and leave on good terms.

He's willing to talk to his enemies? Why is he so unwilling now to talk to Teresa May? What is he hiding?


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