Freedom of Movement

It's a nice ideal isn't it, to have freedom of movement, being able to go wherever you want without restriction.

Indeed, I quite fancy it myself, just being able to upsticks and go somewhere that feels more ideologically suited. However those wanting to tear down borders, are quite deluded. If you want to tear down borders, why don't you tear down your front door?

Like doors, fences and walls, borders exist as a form of security for the people who live within those borders. Within the border is a society that votes for a government to protect and to a certain extent provide for its citizens, passing a set of laws that are mostly designed to provide harmonious interoperability between its inhabitants, where people play by the same rules.

Tear down borders, and you have people playing by different rules.

You risk bringing in previously eradicated diseases like polio, criminal and terror threats. Ideally this shouldn't be a problem because it should be dealt with by the larger global community. But how do you neutralise the threat of groups like ISIS and Al Qaeda if they infiltrate a particular area of the world? Who has ultimate authority? How do you stand up to a common enemy when you no longer share anything in common with your neighbour? How do you entrust a government with power when without borders there's no area for them to govern?

Who runs this freak show? The multi national corporations?


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