Tablet Computing

I was unsure about the purchase of a tablet. I knew I wanted one, but I couldn't quite justify why.

I bought one out of spite when my recent engagement broke down and I was dumped on Facebook. I figured if there's not going to be a wedding, Im going to buy a tab.

So I bought the only tab worth buying - the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.

It takes a little getting used to, but the screen is amazing, and when I can't have a computer, or if I just want to veg out and watch some TV, I can fire up my tab and surf some websites during the ad breaks or something.

Being Android, it doesn't have the amount of apps that the iPad and iPod does. Yeah, Im still waiting for PopCap and Plants vs Zombies - why Amazon US has to corner the market on this I don't know. But I've still got some great games and apps, and it covers the basics for me.

Really pleased with this purchase and at similar prices to the iPad, I think I was right to go with this. I don't have to "jailbreak" it to get basic functionality.

The only thing Im not happy about, is not getting the 32 gig version!


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