Samsung Galaxy S3 Release Date Rumours

Following the apparent leak that the Samsung Galaxy S3 will be announced in March and released in April, Samsung have now scotched those rumours by denying them completely.

But they have denied these rumours in such a a roundabout sort of way. They haven't said "We expect the phone to ship in Q2" or "it won't be on sale before May at the earliest".

What has been said by other online sources is that the phone won't be announced in April or released in March. Samsung meanwhile just say they haven't got anything set in stone and have no details to give.

Assuming it is announced on 15th March and released in April, then it will not be announced in April and released in March.

Essentially though, as far as this blogger is concerned, if the phone is not announced with a release date by the end of March, I'll be buying a Samsung Galaxy SII as my current phone keeps crashing.


Priya Balan said…
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