Samsung Galaxy S3 Can't Come Soon Enough

Speculation is growing with regards to the actual release date of the Samsung Galaxy S3.

With nothing new to report other than the results of Google Searches, here's some bits in my own words.

Samsung did not show off their new device at MWC in February, but their new device is rumoured to have its own show towards the middle of March. Samsung is believed to want to roll this out globally at the same time, which will mean a lot of phones need to be made as well as a a huge effort to synchronise advertising. How exactly a global release works with pathetic phone operators who need months to tweak firmware and add their branding, lock down the phone, produce their own packaging and what not, Im not quite sure.

The rumour was that as Samsung is heavily involved in sponsoring the Olympic Games, that a release sometime around then (June/July) is most likely expected.

But there are several indications from people in the know as well as an apparent leak from one of the lead marketing companies working for Samsung, that the device will be released in April.

If you are in my position and need a phone ASAP to replace your failing Samsung Galaxy S that keeps powering itself off, randomly rebooting and at times can't even get a GPS signal, then there are two choices with an April release date for the Samsung Galaxy S3.

You buy a Samsung Galaxy S2 and hope that your current S doesn't die. April is around 4 to 8 weeks away, so not too long in the grand scheme of things.

If however the S3 does not materialise in April and is expected in June/July, then you're looking at least 12 to 20 weeks away for the S3, and if your S is really that bad, you're just going to get the S2 and not even go with the S3. And lets face it, the S2 will last a good 18 to 24 months, so there's a nail in the coffin for a potential sale of the S3.


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