Samsung Galaxy S3 vs HTC One X

They are both quad core processors, the Samsung at 1.4 Ghz and the HTC at 1.5 Ghz, they have the same ROM and the same ICS.

The thing that swings it for the Samsung Galaxy S3 in my opinion is its raft of additional features.

  • Super AMOLED screen. The screen was pretty amazing on the original Galaxy S and even better on the Galaxy S2. Samsung without a doubt know their screens.
  • HTC One X Problems. OK, Samsung could have problems on launch, but still several months into the release of the HTC One X, we still hear stories of screen issues when playing things back on YouTube, or screens that go Yellow or badly fitting on the left hand side so you press lightly and you get screen discolouration like you would on an LCD monitor. Mmm, no thanks.
  • Memory Card Slot. The HTC doesn't have one, but the Samsung does.
  • Samsung Features. Amazing features - S Voice allowing you to talk to your phone much like Siri, there sharing features, the ability to put the phone to your ear and have it automatically answer a call, Social/Buddy Tagging. Some real great added value services.

The thing that could swing in HTC's favour however is Samsungs appalling track record of upgrading the OS. I wonder how long the wait will be for Jellybean on Samsungs flagship device.

The other problem with the Galaxy S3, is the fact it looks like a Nokia N97.


city said…
nice posting.. thanks for sharing..
indianist said…
Hi nice post. I want to buy a good smart phone from the BB 10, iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3. Can you compare them as well?
Sizzling LEO said…
Overall, HTC and Samsung offer very similar experiences, but the Droid DNA’s front-facing camera puts it out in front. Business Mobile Phone Contracts

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