Barney Stinson

Im turning into Barney Stinson mark 2. Anyhow, I've just ordered a few shirts for myself so I can look brilliant. Just need a few more suits over the coming months.

I placed my first order last month with NYM Suits who, despite being in America, provided a faultless service and really great products.

So I've just ordered a few more.

Why is it oh so difficult to find a plain bold vibrant colour in the UK that isn't white, blue, purple, grey or black? Or you pay some hideous price for a floral or stripey shirt. I mean come on! Just ridiculous.

Can't wait for my shirts to arrive, especially my specially tailored one for £20 from Thailand (I think) courtesy of iTailor. Supposed to be a load of garbage, but for £20, but good to check them out.


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