Church Should Reflect Society

It almost amazes me when some downtrodden fetishist group declares the Church has lost touch with Society and that the Church needs to reflect society. How can we ask Gay Bishops to be celibate? The Church has clearly lost its way.

Gay bishops, Celibacy, right or wrong, Im not here to debate that point.

Im here to debate the principle that the Church is expected to almost follow mainstream society. What is good for society, is good for the Church.

Er, if that was the case, we should be tolerating alcoholism, recreational drug use, casual and promiscuous sex, divorce, consumerism, materialism etc.

The Church may be an outdated concept, but I believe the Church and its leaders have a position to be the last vestige of moral ethics, a beacon, a guiding light in the decaying fabric of society. Instead of wanton permissiveness and selfish greed, we strive we something more, something better, purpose, meaning, self-respect. Our greed and permissiveness can be seen in marriage and divorce for example, where all too often, it is seen as a celebration, a good piss up, entered into on a whim instead of being treated with the reverence and sanctity it deserves). That's not to say no one does that, but everything seems very "promiscuous" now.


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