Im thinking of using a little money to follow my vocation.

First step, is to purchase a new bass guitar.

For many years, I've had a Vintage V900 (Vintage - a brand name of John Hornby Skewes).

It is a reliable bass, but I've had problems with it over the years.

Take the back plate off to change the battery and you're left with a mish mash of wires and what looks like a possibly second hand Active Bass electronics. The wiring is substandard and brittle and I've had to resolder things several times. There's no electro magnetic shielding in the battery and electronic compartment and this could explain the hideous humming you get when waving the bass near anything electrical such as a monitor.

The action was too low causing hideous fret buzz, and the tuners kept detuning, poor poor parts, and needed to be replaced.

Very poor in my opinion.

But it has been my reliable steed. However the pots are now disintegrating and unusable.

So Im considering a Fender Standard Jazz bass, a Yamaha RBX374 and an Ibanez SR300.

Im tempted for the Yamaha for budgetry reasons, however I might be able to splash out on a Fender.


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