Odeon: Broadway Plaza Review

I recently went to see Kick Ass 2 at the Odeon Broadway Plaza cinema. I usually use CineWorld at Broad Street as that is a wonderful cinema. Odeon however had the film I wanted to see.

There was no obvious notice from outside that the cinema was actually open. I had to tentatively scout for an open door. Very uninviting.

I collected my tickets from the machine and was seen by an "usher" or ticket inspector who validated my ticket and asked me to fill out a survey. My sensors were up.

The male toilets downstairs were filthy. Missing soap dispensers of which only two were available, and only one had soap. Even that fell off the wall while using it. A cubicle had grafiti and the ceiling was filthy.

I purchased a drink, popcorn and hotdog. I was not told about a lift which would have helped. It's difficult enough to get that up the stairs without assistance and it was worse for me with my vertigo. I managed one flight of stairs to the landing and saw the next flight of stairs. I had to wolf down my hot dog and leave my drink and popcorn on the landing to go back downstairs to find out if they even ha a lift explaining I had vertigo and left my food upstairs. No help from anyone, so I had to go up and get my drink and take that down, go back up again and get the popcorn and then find the lift.

Finally on the top floor, the pool tables were stained which didn't look good, but I got to my screen to be informed that the air conditioning had broken! Fine, last chance for me to see the film. Sat in the seat and already noted something was off. The seat was broken and sloping forward, so had to move again to take the next seat.

In all honesty though, the screen and audio quality was probably one of the best I've seen. Better than CineWorld.

But the Hot Dog I had I think was going a bit stale as the bun was quite chewy.


  • Unwelcoming entrance
  • Not told about a lift
  • Staff not offering help to bring my food down after suffering from vertigo
  • Dirty pool tables
  • Filthy toilet ceiling
  • Missing soap dispensers
  • Unstocked soap dispensers
  • Soap dispensers that fall off the wall
  • Stale hot dog bun
  • No Air Conditioning in Screen 9
  • Broken seat

To be honest, I don't think I'd ever use that Cinema ever again which is a shame because the screen and audio are brilliant. But it does need to ensure the facilities are up scratch, especially if you're handing out requests for surveys!


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