Kick Ass 2 - Victim of Zero Publicity

I've been a little dismayed to see that Kick Ass 2 hasn't been quite as successful at the box office as it's predecessor.

It is true that nothing can hold a candle to Kick Ass, but Kick Ass 2 is still a great movie in its own right.

If the UK is anything to go by, I think the problem has been a complete lack of advertising.

Nobody I know actually knew the thing had been released. I wasn't even aware of the first Kick Ass until my brother showed it to me to be frank. When I talked about Kick Ass 2, the reaction has been "when's that out?". I've had to say it's been out three weeks!

As far as I can see, apart from Jim Carrey and a huge poster on a relatively quiet road, there's been virtually no advertising.

No wonder it's performing poorly.

Looks like it's near the end of it's run, so go see it people.



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