TSC Cars in Balsall Common

Not often I find myself with a vendetta against someone, but right now, I've got one against TSC Cars.

Oh, I don't mean Im going to send round some flaming horse muck in a bag or anything.

I mean, Im going to do whatever I can to make sure people realise what they're like - restorative reputation.

As you know, my problem, is that my car is so reliable, it's difficult to get rid of, but it has got a few sore points like blowing oil past some valve stem seals.

I visited TSC Cars near Balsall Common, though I think they also say near Kenilworth, Honiley and Coventry, probably a couple of years ago to look at a VW Passat. I was very unsure about it and wanted to do my research before buying. Im not your average consumer, I look at MPG, real world and quoted, reliability, timing drive vs belt, problems with the vehicle in general. Not being able to make up my mind, I never took it for a test drive.

Second car, was actually a more reasonably priced Peugeot 407, but sitting in it, was like sitting in a barge. I couldn't get comfortable. But it was within budget and would have the same engine as a Mondeo, but "Bob" wouldn't let me take it for a test drive. Said I had to agree to a deal before taking for a test drive and then hid behind the RAC Warranty and the false notion that all cars drive the same.

They don't all drive the same, cars handle very differently, cars have different power, different torque. They even feel different inside. They should also not hide behind a warranty, as all problems should be fixed before buying the car. Warranty is there to cover anything that goes wrong afterwards.

I pointed this out in a 1 star review, saying that the staff were friendly enough and the cars were very nice. But the rubbish pumped out from their mouths and not allowing a test drive before agreeing a deal is disgraceful. "Bob" said too many people wasted his fuel and he had to get cars revaleted. Well Bob, I'd have been happy to pay for fuel.

Their reply is

There are always two sides to every storey, we have no issue with any customer wanting to test drive one of our cars. However Mr Dean had been in several times to test drive various cars with little or no commitment to buying one. At TSC Cars we are an Approved RAC Partner and pride ourselves on our professionalism, we do not sell cars with poor economy, clogged cats etc, that is not the way we have stayed in business for over 20 years.

First guys, it's STORY, not Storey. You obviously do have an issue with people taking test drives as you said before and you say here, you want people to COMMIT.

"Honest Woman" reports a similar story in her Yell review, about driving a long distance, and being refused a test drive.

Finally, and here is where they're lying through their hind teeth. I have not test driven anything from TSC Cars and I have not been in several times. I've been in twice, to look at two cars, the first one I didn't want a test drive, and the second, I was refused.

Now, I'd be happy at this point if I was offered an unreserved apology and an acknowledgement that actually, they could do things a bit better.

Interestingly, after posting my review 9 months ago, there seems to be several reviews from people all around the same time frame with next to nothing on their Google+ page all giving five star reviews. Im not offering an opinion here, only fact. Something TSC Cars seem unable to do.

Now lets address their professionalism. Firstly they don't seem to understand cars if they claim that all cars pretty much drive the same, as Bob kindly informed me. Secondly they claim they don't sell cars with poor economy. That's very subjective. Cars quite often never meet the quoted MPG figures and real world data is often very different. Of course, much of that is only seen on a test drive so you can get an understanding of how a car operates.

I've looked at several cars from much much nicer people. I feel guilty in walking away because they gave me test drives and were hoping for a deal. There was a 1.6 FSI Skoda Octavia that felt really weak and limp. A 2.0 FSI Skoda Octavia that test drove well but failed to start up again after returning to base. A Diesel Ford Mondeo that was immaculate and drove really well, but was priced so cheap it was too good to be true! A Toyota Avensis with a high idle problem (from a Toyota Dealer), another Toyota Avensis with a spongy clutch.

All these had guarantees, all these cars drive differently. You can't hide behind a guarantee TSC. I don't really care what you offer.


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