Donald Trump Day

A few years back, I was invited to give a talk at Church on what is holy to me. Believing in a God who made everything and everyone in it, I wondered how anything could possibly be unholy.

If some things or some people and holy and others aren't, then where do we draw the line as to what is holy? We should know from the teaching of Jesus, that we are all one body but different gifts, so why should one of us be unholy because we practice our faith in a different way. One part of the body can not reject another member of the body because it does something different.

In Church, I see an awful lot of interfaith work going on. However when we get the subject of politics, especially over the past year with the presidency of Donald Trump and Brexit, we find swathes of Christians preferring to walk in solidarity with other faiths than they do with other professing Chrisitans.

Im not saying we shouldn't be walking alongside other faiths, but it does upset me when we talk in such a solid rhetoric about upholding other faiths, then attempt to destroy someone else.

Im not saying Donald Trump is right or wrong, and Im certainly not saying Im a fan of his. But I am saying, lets not judge him. Lets walk along side him as we do with other faiths. Lets pray for him and the country he leads. Lets have some faith in our God!

We may collectively have our heads up our own liberal backsides so much, we actually need someone like Donald Trump to help us wake back and stand up for the faith we believe in.


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