EU - Interdependence or Mutual Cooperation?

It appears that we have very little chance of succeeding with Brexit. Quite frankly it's a big ask to keep the Republic of Ireland in the EU but not to have a hard border with the rest of the UK. I guess that's what you need to have when you decide to no longer play ball.

I am still amazed however at just how mind boggling difficult it is to extricate ourselves from the institution known as the EU - note, that we Brits actually quite like Europe, just that a lot of us don't really like the EU. Why?

What about Macron and his EU Army.

All I know is that he and a few other leaders want an EU Army. The problem however, is that unlike America, we don't vote for a particular party or a leader of the EU. It's non personable.

Who will control the EU Army? Will one country be able to perform a veto? Or is just a majority decision required? And who will make those decisions? In the same context, how does law making work in the EU? I don't know. I've Googled it, and there's far too many words.

At least in the UK, we vote for our favourite candidate in the UK Elections to Elect a Member of Parliament who will represent our views. If we don't like him, we can bin them off. Im not quite sure who is accountable in the EU for stupid rules and how to vote against them if they piss me off.

What we probably need for everything to work properly, are pan-European political parties that we actually know what they stand for, similar to the US Republicans and Democrats. There seems like there's too many differences of opinion for a one size fits all approach. If the EU was more central and less socialist, if it was more about mutual co-operation than interdependence, then I think I might be more in favour of it.


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