Apple Suck.... Booo.

As a technological company, Apple suck.

Don't get me wrong, they should let their technology speak for itself. Their devices are simple to use, look good, functional, they're perfect.

Unless you're a geek like me, or you want to do a little more like use your phone as a mass storage device, or email yourself attachments and open them.

The problem with Apple, for me, is the way that they patent everything and stifle competition then copy everyone else in the mean time. Patents aren't such a bad thing, but it's the range of patents that Apple have - it's not just the design, or a couple of the features, Apple have actually patented menu scrolling techniques, the familiar bump at the end of the page, they have patented search techniques which search your entire phone for the information you search for.

They actually won the scrolling patent against Samsung who had to revert to a Blue glow, and they're trying to enforce the patent against Google.

Who has been in the search business longer? Google? Remember Google Desktop, the thing that indexed all your documents on your computer? Would that not be the next evolutional step in their Android platform from a global search provider? Not according to Apple. Apple have rights on searching.

What about Windows Vista and Windows 7 that allow you to search right from the desktop? Is that illegal?

But then Apple go off for iOS5 and copy the scroll down notification centre from Android.

IF we listened to Apple, we would believe that Apple invented the touchscreen! But touchscreens have been around for years prior on PDAs, XDAs, touchscreen computers. It's not new.

Apples tactics of patents upon patents and stifling the competition like this, is a business model more than a technical community. It's one reason I will never buy an Apple. Should Android die because of Apple, I will move to Windows 8! Steve Jobs turned Apple into Microsoft quicker than Bill Gates turned Microsoft into, erm, Microsoft.

Apple should let their technology speak for itself. I think them patenting everything and stifling the competition suggests to me that they are scared and actually have no confidence in their products.


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