When I voted in the Brexit referendum of 2016, I voted for remain. I actually believe in the free movement, the projection of the ECHR and the ECJ and enjoy the economic stability with which it provides.

However what became clear to me, is just how terrible the EU is as an institution.

It has become clear to me over the years that we have been rejected every time we've wanted to make changes within Europe. They seem to have made it virtually impossible leave with threats and control. Almost like a mafia controlled state, we have to pay our protection money or lose our legs.

People suggest we should stay in the EU to fight and make it better. How are we supposed to do that when we have been unsuccessful on so many occasions in the past?

The EU comes out with laws, rules, regulations and legislation. It is no good just to shake hands, leave the EU and give guarantees that we will maintain the status quo, a snapshot of the current system during the transition period. No. We must now sign up to any new rules that they want to give us over the following 21 months following Brexit (or longer).

How is it right for the EU to be able to dictate to it's member states what they should and should not do, from military, to national borders and movement of people. It's wrong.

I believe in the idea of a United Europe. But I disagree with the EU's bullying where you will take your fair share or else. No. We are member states. We are not one country. We believe in working together. But we do not believe that means you have a right to tell us who we can trade with.


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