Regulation of Streaming: Or Amazon vs Google vs Apple

In this particular day and age, it's quite ludicrous that Apple, Google and Amazon are all fighting against each other.

You cannot play Amazon Prime through a Google Chromecast, and neither can you play Apple iTunes videos on your Android device - the latter is something to do with DRM.

The EU fined Google for anti-competitive behaviour for requiring manufacturers to install thieir software in order to use the Google Play Store, however the EU seem to remain silent on interoperability.

The EU also remain silent on anti-competitive behaviour for Apple iPhone where you need a Mac in order to develop and at least build for an iPhone. Talk about tying you into hardware/software. With Android development, I could develop on a Linux system. So lets ask who is anti-competitive?

We need strong regulation for the streaming market. By strong regulation, I mean a regulator who sets simple rules and bites back when the big boys don't play by the rules.

The rules need to simple:

You will separate streaming services from streaming technologies. You will open your streaming technology (Chromecast, Roku, FireStick, Apple TV etc) to competitors to allow end users access to their streaming content. Streaming Services will be required to run on at least Apple, FireStick and ChromeCast.



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