First Aid Kit

A friend of mine took me to see the, apparently Swedish band, First Aid Kit. I say "apparently" because they had a mix of nationalities in the lineup.

I was quite enjoying it. Great to see a female bass player with great bass guitars.

Unfortunately half way through came the political nonsense where there was a song dedicated to calling out rape culture while a bunch of women whooped and hollered.

I believe the concept of a rape culture is bogus at best.

Before you lynch me, let me explain. There are no grey areas. It's black and white. Rape is wrong. Sexual violence is wrong. If you don't consent, it is wrong. It doesn't matter about gender, or race, or sex. Someone taking something of which you do not freely give is wrong. Full stop.

Unfortunately, the term "rape culture" seems very much equated to a women vs men kind of scenario, the sort of identity politics that I despise. As one article on The Conversation reports, "the problem of rape ... is squarely a man's problem".

Now before you say the wording doesn't suggest all men, the writer is happy later on to say not all men rape, and some men are forced into sex by women.

Here we see the perfect inconsistency in the feminist logic.

Rape is a man's problem, not "some men's" problem, and some men are merely forced into sex by women, not raped.

Rape is neither a man's problem or a woman's problem. Rape is the problem of the perpetrator. Rape is a problem of a justice system that hasn't caught up to the fact that it doesn't matter what you wear or what you drink, there's simply no excuse for rape. Full stop.

Pitting one side against the other, creating this men vs women, is a fatally flawed notion. When you start painting innocent people as the problem, what incentive is there for them to join the fight for justice and social change?

The second insane piece of logic I heard was when they were performing a song about how they as women were about more than just their looks, in other words, a song about not objectifying women. Yet they preceeded the song with an introduction suggesting that saying a woman was not pretty was the worst thing you could say to a woman.

Is that really the worst thing you can say? What about calling her a pathetic excuse of a human being who will never achieve anything? Saying she has no talent? Calling her a terrible mother?

And why specifically women? Don't men get offended by stuff like this? Can men be upset? Of course we can. We can get upset and offended. And we get loads of insults on a daily basis. Why people seem to think that a man's world is so much better than women I have no idea. Men have had to learn the hard way to suck their feelings back in, to not cry, to not get emotional. They have had to learn to endure, to joke about insults. Men have had to learn to find their worth in more than what other people think of them.

The women I know through my history have been strong confident women who have learned to endure. They don't give a shit whether you call them ugly because they know in their hearts they are worth more than their looks and they don't need any other external validation. They are beautiful. It is those who criticise who are ugly.

It is a shame that these lessons are being lost in this politically correct world full of snowflakes who cry over spilt milk.


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