For someone so racist, it sure amazed me when he talked about having an amnesty for illegal immigrants and wanting to do away capping numbers and focus instead on a points based immigration system.

What a terrible racist.

That makes me think, is he really as right wing as we think he is? And would he truly risk a no deal Brexit? I don't think he would be so stupid.

Parliament has had three years to negotiate a deal. Granted, Teresa May brought back a terrible deal, still as I said before, Corbyn turned down May's deal because it tied us to the EU through a Customs Union to avoid a hard border with Ireland. Corbyn's solution, was to have a Customs Union with the EU.

Under Boris, the EU has gone from "We are not negotiating" to "If you have sensible suggestion, we can review it".

That's more progress in a few short weeks than three years under Teresa May.

I still have yet to hear of any coherent agreement put forward by Parliament - there's been speculation and postulating, but no firm indication of what they want. We've had successive meaningful votes, each one has been turned down. They don't want a No Deal despite voting for "Deal or No Deal" in parliament and setting the exit date as 29th March.

Do we really think in the eight weeks to 31st October, that Parliament will finally find a breakthrough? Do we think they'll even get a breakthrough with the EU? They've done nothing for three years, now want to either extend the deadline under the pretense that they'll "come up with something" that they've hitherto been unable to do before, or to revoke article 50 (because leaving the EU is actually impossible, in which case why would we want to be part of it? something we are forced to be part of, isn't exactly a nice place to be - being threatened to stay or else). They don't want no deal, and I really can't see them getting a deal because no one really knows what they want.

There would most likely need to be a serious of referendums, with the question do you want a or b, not multiple choice. Then the majority gets it. But for example, it's no good just saying Do you want to revoke, leave with a deal, or leave without a deal, because that just dilutes the leave camp.

It needs to be: Revoke A50 or Leave.
Then Deal or No Deal.
Then if a Deal, then we need to go into specifics about each element - single market, customs union, backstop etc...

Or we could just leave without a deal instead of staying in limbo, and realise actually, we can go to Europe, just the same as we can go to loads of other countries that aren't part of the EU.


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