Remain vs a Shit Deal

I saw this coming a mile off. The public will be asked to decide on a shit deal vs remain and we will have to choose remain and that will be called following the will of the people and we will have been goaded into making a choice with the worst options possible. Do you want to eat shit or would you rather not eat shit?

Let's get some perspective.

No one knows what will happen post Brexit. It hasn't happened. And we don't know what the type of Brexit we will get. A No Deal Brexit, is merely leaving on WTO. However Brexit is not the end of the world. While most likely there will be a "bump" in the road as the country adjusts to its new position, it will be exceedingly likely that we will recover as we organise our own trade deals on our own terms instead of being hamstrung by the EU. We don't know the scale of the bump, or how long it will take, but the future is up to us as a country to work together and make it the best that we can. It is out collective future.

I was reminded of Jesus parable of the talents, where two made the most of their talents, and the other buried their talent. He didn't lose, and he didn't gain. He risked nothing. The parable to me is all about taking a chance, taking a risk, having a go. To me, staying in the EU is similar to this. Staying in the EU is less risk, but it maintains the status quo and tells us nothing about what we could possibly achieve.

It is not in the EU's interest for us to make a success of Brexit as other countries might follow suit if they see no benefit to staying in the EU. Leaving in the EU does not mean we turn our backs on our European neighbours. Not being in the EU doesn't mean we cannot co-operate and work together. Leaving the EU does not mean we have to stop holidaying in Spain. Look at all the countries we can go to now? Canada, America, Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Australia, New Zealand, China, Japan, Morocco, Egypt, India, Russia, Pakistan, Africa, Malawi... etc. Leaving the EU will not be the end of the world. Leaving the EU doesn't mean we cease to be part of the world.

As we've turned down no deal, there is no incentive for us to be provided with a good deal. There's not even incentive to be provided with a good deal even with no deal on the table as it's once again not in the EU's interest to see us succeed.

If we were serious about Brexit, you could argue that all options should be on the table - Remain, Deal and No Deal. If we get offered a bad deal, we need to choose between Remain and No Deal. Now, we will be asked to choose between Remain and a bad deal.

If the choice is between Remain and a Good Deal, most might choose the Good Deal. Between Remain and a Bad Deal, most would choose Remain. But the key is between a Bad Deal and No Deal. We now no longer have that choice.

For everything the opposition has said about respecting the will of the people and letting the people decide, it is Parliament who are removing your choices. They may feel they are acting in the best interests of the country, but they are not doing what they claim to be doing, they're not giving the choice to the people. They're taking away your options and giving you the worst options and dressing it up as a choice. It's not. They're liars.


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