In 2016, the British people had a referendum on whether to leave Europe.

I voted remain.

The Leave vote won.

What has followed has been three years of leave voters being told that they were racist, xenophobic, small minded, nationalist scum. I know people from all sorts of walks of life who voted Brexit including ethnic minorities, who voted because they didn't like the EU Bureaucracy. It had nothing to do with not loving Europe, but it had everything to do with self determination rather than handing power and further power to an EU Superstate through the backdoor. 

We have spent years in the EU being the underdog, being the subject of ridicule by the EU. I think the position that people like me have held, is, why do we need to be in the EU in order to co-operate with our European neighbours? There's a line between "European Co-operation" and the EU. We're a bit wary of losing our individual identity, because we don't like homogeneous cultures where everything's the same, we quite like those nuances between us which makes us who we are.

The default position of Brexit, is that if we were unable to agree a deal, we would leave. Now the default position appears to be we will stay if we cannot agree a deal (or at least extend the deadline which is tantamount to the same thing).

However we have had three years to agree a deal. The closest we had was Teresa May's deal, and the EU said that was it, that was the only deal possible. That deal was turned down by parliament three times. So if that deal is not acceptable, and we cannot negotiate another deal, what are the options?

There is No Deal, Extend, or Revoke Article 50.

No Deal, will deliver the referendum result and what parliament voted for in the Article 50 bill. Extend would be a complete waste of time - never mind running down the clock as Corbyn likes to say, this just wears down peoples resistance and patience and pretty soon we'll be saying we don't care, so the option left, is to Revoke Article 50. There's a suggestion about extended the deadline another three months until the end of January 2020, that is 10 months past the original leave date, with no sign of a new deal or a new agreement.

If No Deal is voted down, then what happens, if we cannot get an acceptable deal? Do we just stay indefinitely? You can see why it seems to me, that Parliaments default position now appears to be to stay unless we can get a deal. 

It is not Boris staging a coup. It is parliament. Parliament are being disingenuous. Apart from the Liberal Democrats, MP's keep saying that they are respecting the will of the people. But with no sign of any intention of them actually getting their act together and working together for a deal that might actually satisfy the referendum, we have to assume that actually our MP's are lying to us. They stood on a platform of lies. They should stand up, be counted, and tell us what they actually want, tell us that they want to stay in the EU, then stand on that platform, and call a general election.

Let the people decide what platform they want.

Deal, No Deal, or Revoke.


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