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Barney Stinson

Im turning into Barney Stinson mark 2. Anyhow, I've just ordered a few shirts for myself so I can look brilliant. Just need a few more suits over the coming months. I placed my first order last month with NYM Suits who, despite being in America, provided a faultless service and really great products. So I've just ordered a few more. Why is it oh so difficult to find a plain bold vibrant colour in the UK that isn't white, blue, purple, grey or black? Or you pay some hideous price for a floral or stripey shirt. I mean come on! Just ridiculous. Can't wait for my shirts to arrive, especially my specially tailored one for £20 from Thailand (I think) courtesy of iTailor. Supposed to be a load of garbage, but for £20, but good to check them out.

Apple Suck.... Booo.

As a technological company, Apple suck. Don't get me wrong, they should let their technology speak for itself. Their devices are simple to use, look good, functional, they're perfect. Unless you're a geek like me, or you want to do a little more like use your phone as a mass storage device, or email yourself attachments and open them. The problem with Apple, for me, is the way that they patent everything and stifle competition then copy everyone else in the mean time. Patents aren't such a bad thing, but it's the range of patents that Apple have - it's not just the design, or a couple of the features, Apple have actually patented menu scrolling techniques, the familiar bump at the end of the page, they have patented search techniques which search your entire phone for the information you search for. They actually won the scrolling patent against Samsung who had to revert to a Blue glow, and they're trying to enforce the patent against Google. Who h

Give me a free phone... or at least a pre-release to test with

Dear Samsung, When it comes to phones, your phones are the best. My Samsung Galaxy S, which despite having teething troubles initially, is nigh on flawless and a brilliant piece of engineering. Samsung is the only device for me, and so I happily bypass every other device out there and due to be released, knowing that I will buy the Samsung Galaxy S3 (unless of course you take your sweet time to release it and something else comes along in the meantime substantially cheaper and with more features). I think my loyalty should be rewarded and I will happily wear a Samsung T-Shirt to every personal event advertising your phone if you can see your way clear to providing me a free S3. Heck it doesn't have to be free, let me pay for an early release so I can talk about the Samsung goodness.

Suit Up

It's been all over my other media outlets, but I've finally bought a suit. Im inspired by Barney Stinson of How I Met Your Mother Fame and how dashing he looks in a suit. No, Im interested in him in that way, but I figured that his look would suit me, no pun intended. So I've bought myself a suit from Marks and Spencer and a couple of really nice shirts including a suave Royal Blue (Polyester) Satin shirt. Mmm. Lovely.

Fab Capello

I don't know what the UK is coming to. Whether John Terry is guilty or not, we get to find out according to due process and a court of law. It is not the FA's job to punish him ahead of that process and Fabio Capello should be within his rights to state his opinion. Fabio is supposed to be the manager, and if he thinks John Terry would suffer in the media spotlight then he is free to make changes as requested. But the FA has just stepped in, overruled Capello, and our sickening papers are criticising Fabio for his freedom of speech. The thing they should be criticising him for, is how useless he has been for the England football team. This mess is just an easy attack using "technicalities".