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England v Italy

First things first, the racial abuse received by these players, by some young players, is down right depicable, nasty, heartless and cruel. Disgusting behaviour and I hope that those responsible are brought to justice. While I don't like kneeling for BLM (and what good has it done?), it doesn't mean I condone racism, and those responsible need to be prosecuted. There's no place for it. The game felt like a bigger loss because we played so well. I finally saw England play with fluidity and motion, it was a dream. I thought we lacked the prowess in the box with Kane largely absent and wingers unable to pass anything into the box.  Defensively we were very srong and contained Italy for much of the game, unfortunately Pickford, instead of tipping the ball round the post, allowed it to hit the post and bounce into the path of an Italian player.  Saka had too much repsonsibility - talented player, but a bit light weight and very easily dispossesed.  Can't fault the penalty ta