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Regression of Society

I don't know if it's some kind of hidden human trait, but just when you think we're becoming a more enlightened society, more caring and compassionate, we somehow completely regress ourselves. As an example of our regression, take a look at onesies! It is the ultimate, I want to look like a baby, motif. Comfortable is one thing, but do you have to borrow clothese from your kids? What next, nappies? Oh wait, some people already do that. Can't we invent something going forward that is actually a bit more adult? What's wrong with looking like Barney Stinson? Unfortunately though, this is just an indication for me about larger issues in society. Ironically Im posting on Blogger, and Im actually becoming largely against electronic communication in favouring a more human response. The problem I see is echoed by the recent tragedy in America with the shooting of all those children. While it is easy to look at the surface and talk about banning guns, tighter con

Mucknell Abbey

Ick. Blogger has a new look, which just goes to show how long I've been away from here. Wow. What a mad year. Weddings (not my own), House Moves, my trip to the monastery, starting a band, leaving the band, wanting to join a new band, singing lessons, norovirus, Samsung Galaxy S3, and constantly rolling depression. Lack of money, lack of hair, lack of inspiration. It's had its highs and lows. Today I want to talk about the monastery. I visited Mucknell Abbey and I had a great time. I went for a retreat to try to determine my path in life, what I should do. I heard a voice tell me that I should be a Christian in the world and just do what makes me happy. I've somewhat failed to do that, confined as I am by the trappings of modern day life. There's a certain question about whether to be foolish and do something risky against what society wants, or trusting in God if he really is telling me to get on with my music career! Well I can't do music without money