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Jordan Peterson vs Everyone Else - or Why Equality of Outcome is Flawed

I quite like Jordan Peterson and I like when he argues with a feminist who wants equality of outcome and therefore believes workplaces and governmental institutions to better reflect the society we live in and have 50 percent representation of women. I actually get that argument. I really do. It does make sense. However Peterson argues merely from the point of view that we shouldn't care about equality of outcome and care about equality of opportunity. Another sound argument. However there's a couple of more arguments which I think shoots down both the above. First I do understand the logic that says we should have 50% women in our decision making organisations if there are 50% of women in society. Women understand better about women's issues. Women can advocate for other women. However lets stop there. This is identity politics pure and simple. The problem with this sort of representation, is that not everyone can be represented. We have distinctions on gender, s