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The Business of God

I consider God to be quite simple. Sure, he created the world and everything in it, that's no easy task. That took some serious skill. But we're busy groping around in the dark trying to find God, trying to find ways to pray, ways to express our faith. God seems like a multi billion pound business. I wonder what Jesus would say if he saw all of our Christian paraphernalia. "Dude, you don't need incense to worship me. Guy! I died on the cross, that upsets me. WTF are you eating wafers? I told you to eat bread and drink wine!". I believe worship and prayer is very simple. God is all powerful. We don't need to do anything special to pray, we just pray. We just address God and direct our request and concern to him. Done. All of the other things are symbols and signs. We as people like our signs. Those signs are not God. Those signs are not Jesus. They may help us to focus, but jees, do we really need to kneel in front of them? We can prostrate ourselves

EU - Interdependence or Mutual Cooperation?

It appears that we have very little chance of succeeding with Brexit. Quite frankly it's a big ask to keep the Republic of Ireland in the EU but not to have a hard border with the rest of the UK. I guess that's what you need to have when you decide to no longer play ball. I am still amazed however at just how mind boggling difficult it is to extricate ourselves from the institution known as the EU - note, that we Brits actually quite like Europe, just that a lot of us don't really like the EU. Why? What about Macron and his EU Army. All I know is that he and a few other leaders want an EU Army. The problem however, is that unlike America, we don't vote for a particular party or a leader of the EU. It's non personable. Who will control the EU Army? Will one country be able to perform a veto? Or is just a majority decision required? And who will make those decisions? In the same context, how does law making work in the EU? I don't know. I've Googled it