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TSC Cars in Balsall Common

Not often I find myself with a vendetta against someone, but right now, I've got one against TSC Cars. Oh, I don't mean Im going to send round some flaming horse muck in a bag or anything. I mean, Im going to do whatever I can to make sure people realise what they're like - restorative reputation. As you know, my problem, is that my car is so reliable, it's difficult to get rid of, but it has got a few sore points like blowing oil past some valve stem seals. I visited TSC Cars near Balsall Common, though I think they also say near Kenilworth, Honiley and Coventry, probably a couple of years ago to look at a VW Passat. I was very unsure about it and wanted to do my research before buying. Im not your average consumer, I look at MPG, real world and quoted, reliability, timing drive vs belt, problems with the vehicle in general. Not being able to make up my mind, I never took it for a test drive. Second car, was actually a more reasonably priced Peugeot 407, but