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There was an interesting sermon at Church on Sunday where we talked about coveting possessions - and not just other peoples, it was asking us to check where our priorities lie. I do wonder at this time, where this happens in today's politics between Conservatives and Labour - Conservatism and Socialism. Labour seem to echo the redistribution of wealth mantra, taking from the rich to give to the poor. Isn't this covetous? You've made your choices. Now you want to take what someone else has to give to someone else. Jesus didn't really have a bad word to say about wealth. The problem isn't wealth, the problem is our attitude towards wealth, our covetous nature. That doesn't mean all rich people are covetous. The problem I always have with the left in it's attitude towards taxing people to the hilt, is that it strips away personal freedom, personal choice, personal giving and personal charity. We prevent the power of people to be good through tax. We try to ch