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Girls in the Boys Choir

I've just seen an article in the paper about a 9 year old girl suing a 5 century old german boys choir for gender discrimination. This reminds me of the ridiculous charade we have with girls becoming scouts and cubs, but then boys not being allowed to become a girl guide . Girls have to be part of what boys do, otherwise it is gender discrimination. If boys keep to themselves and engage in boy things, it is possible "toxic masculinity". Boys need to accept girls. But then the articles about girl guides, is that girls need a place to be themselves where they don't have to worry about boys. Don't you think this i true for boys as well? Don't you think boys need a place to be boys where they don't have to worry about girls? This steps over into adult life where women demand to be part of male dominated areas, yet if a man demanded to be part of a woman's group, he would most likely be told no, women need a space that they can be themsel

We Must Reform Motor Insurance

At times, Motor Insurance seems like one of the biggest scams possible. They exist not to fight your corner or to get you back to square one, but to do as little and pay as little as possible. I myself had a car accident recently where my car was written off. It is one of the classic ones where I'm in the right hand lane of a dual carriageway overtaking a truck, driving under the speed limit and keeping my distance of 2 seconds to the vehicle in front, who then at the last seconds swerves into the left hand lane in front of a truck and reveals a stationary car that had broken down in my lane. The van driver (  had a clear view of the broken down vehicle and either didn't notice it (driving without due care and attention) or deliberately decided to drive as fast as possible to try a dangerous move and swerve around the van risking death to the person in the broken down car. The van obscured the view I had of the broken down car, so I did no


When I talk about people like me not seeing race, we're told how wrong we are. Even though some scientists, to get us to be one, say there's no such things as race, it's just a social construct, then everyone else agrees with them, but then tells you you're wrong for not seeing race. Sick of the arguments on that to be honest. But I guess if race doesn't exist, then there can be no racism. I just love how everyone runs around in circles circumventing their own arguments. Race exists. But it doesn't matter. Maybe it doesn't matter because for people like me, I grew up listening to black musicians, watching black actors, hearing black news readers tell the news. We had black friends. We liked our black friends black parents. We simply didn't care about skin colour, we just liked them for what they did.