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Remain vs a Shit Deal

I saw this coming a mile off. The public will be asked to decide on a shit deal vs remain and we will have to choose remain and that will be called following the will of the people and we will have been goaded into making a choice with the worst options possible. Do you want to eat shit or would you rather not eat shit? Let's get some perspective. No one knows what will happen post Brexit. It hasn't happened. And we don't know what the type of Brexit we will get. A No Deal Brexit, is merely leaving on WTO. However Brexit is not the end of the world. While most likely there will be a "bump" in the road as the country adjusts to its new position, it will be exceedingly likely that we will recover as we organise our own trade deals on our own terms instead of being hamstrung by the EU. We don't know the scale of the bump, or how long it will take, but the future is up to us as a country to work together and make it the best that we can. It is out collective f


In 2016, the British people had a referendum on whether to leave Europe. I voted remain. The Leave vote won. What has followed has been three years of leave voters being told that they were racist, xenophobic, small minded, nationalist scum. I know people from all sorts of walks of life who voted Brexit including ethnic minorities, who voted because they didn't like the EU Bureaucracy. It had nothing to do with not loving Europe, but it had everything to do with self determination rather than handing power and further power to an EU Superstate through the backdoor.  We have spent years in the EU being the underdog, being the subject of ridicule by the EU. I think the position that people like me have held, is, why do we need to be in the EU in order to co-operate with our European neighbours? There's a line between "European Co-operation" and the EU. We're a bit wary of losing our individual identity, because we don't like homogeneous cultures w


For someone so racist, it sure amazed me when he talked about having an amnesty for illegal immigrants and wanting to do away capping numbers and focus instead on a points based immigration system. What a terrible racist. That makes me think, is he really as right wing as we think he is? And would he truly risk a no deal Brexit? I don't think he would be so stupid. Parliament has had three years to negotiate a deal. Granted, Teresa May brought back a terrible deal, still as I said before, Corbyn turned down May's deal because it tied us to the EU through a Customs Union to avoid a hard border with Ireland. Corbyn's solution, was to have a Customs Union with the EU. Under Boris, the EU has gone from "We are not negotiating" to "If you have sensible suggestion, we can review it". That's more progress in a few short weeks than three years under Teresa May. I still have yet to hear of any coherent agreement put forward by Parliament - there&#