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Dear Samsung

For my birthday on 28th May, I would like you to somehow expedite my order with Expansys and bring me my new Samsung Galaxy S3 as quickly as possible. That'd be a swell present. What do you say? Please please please please please.

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs HTC One X

They are both quad core processors, the Samsung at 1.4 Ghz and the HTC at 1.5 Ghz, they have the same ROM and the same ICS. The thing that swings it for the Samsung Galaxy S3 in my opinion is its raft of additional features. Super AMOLED screen. The screen was pretty amazing on the original Galaxy S and even better on the Galaxy S2. Samsung without a doubt know their screens. HTC One X Problems. OK, Samsung could have problems on launch, but still several months into the release of the HTC One X, we still hear stories of screen issues when playing things back on YouTube, or screens that go Yellow or badly fitting on the left hand side so you press lightly and you get screen discolouration like you would on an LCD monitor. Mmm, no thanks. Memory Card Slot. The HTC doesn't have one, but the Samsung does. Samsung Features. Amazing features - S Voice allowing you to talk to your phone much like Siri, there sharing features, the ability to put the phone to your ear and have it

Election Shmection

What a disastrous night in politics last night. Have people forgotten what Labour left us with? Labour spent money like it was going out of fashion, they spent with little regards to cost, in the vein hope that creating jobs would lead to spending to boost the economy. The only way we could make money, is to actually make things, but under Labours watch, many of our industries were shut down and went abroad as the steadily increasing costs forced people out. We spent on PFI initiatives which give shiny new facilities but cost us more in the long run. We spent time making things look nice instead of tackling the issues. The billions spent on ID cards, security, political correctness and the Electronic Staff Record on the NHS defies belief. Everything was so much more inefficient as we needed to justify the extra levels of staffing with bureaucracy. If we take heath as an example, there are still no sports physios on the NHS as far as I can see, and they'd much rather dir