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Carphone Warehouse - Shady Practices

I pre-ordered the Google Nexus from Carphone Warehouse a couple of weeks back on the 19th November. What Im surprised with, is that they've taken funds from my credit card before having the stock available. I do actually have some sympathy for them. Phones are high cost items, they don't want people placing lots of orders and cancelling when another provider eventually delivers. Makes sense. But. both the 32 Gig and 64 Gig variant were down for 1st December shipping. Great! You'll have it before anyone else! I'll order the 64 Gig from you. That has now been pushed back 2 weeks to 15th December. The 32 Gig has also similarly been pushed back to 8th December. And we all know how phone releases work - 15th December is an estimated date, and I quite expect actually to see no stock arrive then and it will be pushed back to maybe start of January. So Carphone Warehouse will be sitting on my money for at least four weeks if not longer. Usually in the world of Mail