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Liz Truss and Finances

Now I admit, I'm no fiscal genius. People are furious at Liz Truss for giving rich people more money. How dare she? The rich should pay MORE taxes. Ok. Who are the rich people? Can we put a number on it? How much do you have to earn before you get called "rich"? £150,000? £300,000? £1,000,000? There's a staggering difference between these numbers.  But it's hard to put a finger on this. Because it doesn't say how hard someone has worked to get to that position, or how many savings someone has got to comfortably live off. It doesn't state how much money those people give to charity, or how altruistic they are. And perhaps we shouldn't assume. Those in the £150,000ish bracket, would appear to me to be people like the small business owners. And why do we think they're getting a tax refund? They're already paying 45%, 25% more(ish) than "a poor person".  Give me a 1% tax reduction, I bring home £11 a month extra, which is barely enough in