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Cheap Trick

Am I over Rush . Nah. Rush are brilliant. Many years ago I bought a great rock album from 1997 called Cheap Trick. Not the first Cheap Trick, but the second Cheap Trick. I wasn't too keen on their earlier stuff. I'm not entirely sure what happened, but I find myself seeing Cheap Trick videos on YouTube and being blown away about how good a band in their early 60s are. This surely gives Rush some hope. Forget Rolling Stones. Cheap Trick and Rush are at the forefront of progressive OAPs. Gives me some comfort that life isn't over at 40. I've found that the strained voice of Robin Zander I found on the 1997 album is a bit of an act and the guy has a brilliant vocal range and still in his 40 years of touring with Cheap Trick, still delivers flawless performances in the same Chicago range. Tom Peterssons 12 string bass has a really great sound to it, I can only hope Teddy Lee picks one up for the next album. Rick Nielsen is a funny and charismatic guitar player who see