The world seems to have gone insane.

We have the CoronaVirus, Covid-19 and the world is in total panic and meltdown the likes of which has never been seen. The scale of the panic, does not seem to be justified based on the numbers alone.

There's something more we're not being told, there's something being engineered here, and Im not sure what.

Let's clear up any misapprehension however. It is serious. It is a virus. It kills.

However the problem is, is that we have to look at it in context. Seasonal Flu, every year, causes between 291,000 to 646,000 deaths world wide. So far, we're upto 8,000 deaths world wide., or approximately 2%.

We have completely destroyed the world economy for something that has so far, caused 2% of the deaths that a good year of Flu causes. We can argue that the extraordinary measures being taken is reducing the number of cases and the number of deaths. That may well be. However I would still like to see some extrapolated data to see potentially what the scale of the problem could be.

Swine Flu H1N1, caused 214 deaths in the UK. I simply don't recall this level of lock down.

Predominantly, Covid-19 affects elderly patients and those with other complications and other immune issues.

My gut feeling in this, is that we should have let everyone else run their normal lives, shelter those who are immuno-compromised in quickly built hospitals and hotels like the Chinese have done, and then just let the virus run it's course on the rest of the population. Im not sure even with Lock Down, unless the whole world isolates itself at the same time and there's never any contact with those that are ill, that this thing will ever go away. How can it? If it did, wouldn't we have done this years ago and neutralised every single virus going? All we're doing is buying ourselves a little time, we're not curing anything. We're isolating vulnerable (good) and healthy (bad) people who have never contracted the virus. So they will be just as susceptible after this period of isolation. If we miss just one case, we're fucked. Again. And when it inevitably mutates? Same process?

And of course, you need to take the current death rate with a pinch of salt.

The high death rate in Wuhan and in Italy, is quite often attributed to the age of the populations, unclean and unhealthy conditions. So while the death rates is 3%, that may be artificially high as we're not testing everyone. We don't have that full picture.

I honestly don't think we have a true picture. We're guessing.

We're crashing economies, and for what? A virus that has so far caused less deaths than influenza does in a typical year? Businesses will fail, people will go bankrupt, we're going to see a lot of deaths through suicide.


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