Russia, Russia, Russia

The Western World has been far too gung ho at various times. We've gone into sovereign countries without request, to establish regime change, thinking that we know best for the country. We are like Team America: World Police.

But the current Russia/Ukraine conflict seems to be completely different.

For a start, Ukraine are actually requesting our help, and all we're doing is giving the president a standing ovation while Putin bombs hell out of the country.

How on earth did we get to this point?

I can understand Putin's concerns over NATO, as it has shown itself to be a little bit bigger than a peace keeping defensive alliance. But his concerns fall mostly on deaf ears as I suspect it is just a smoke screen, he didn't want NATO because he can diplomatically chip away around the states of the former Soviet Union. To what purpose though? Land Grab? Resources? Civilisation? I'm not quite sure what his end goal is and his strategy ridiculous.

Call me an idealist, anything but pragmatic, but I believe that a sovereign country should have a right to do what they see fit. If that means that they call on help to defend their borders, so be it. No sovereign country should be threatened with invasion by any force - Eastern or Western. That means Ukraine should not be going into Russia, and Russia should not be going into Ukraine, and if Ukraine needs Western help to defend itself, then it should receive it.

I understand that a no fly zone means it has to be enforced. But actually, why shouldn't it be? Russia, if you're flying into the Ukraine, then it is YOUR actions, that is an act of war.

But rather than having these well establish ground rules that is respected and adhered to by all nations, what we find ourselves in, is Russia has attacked Ukraine, we stand by and do nothing because we're petrified of Nuclear War and escalating things, which means in practice, Russia, China, and North Korea among others, can just do whatever they want to do without restriction because we won't do anything about it. What is the line that he crosses before we say enough is enough? How many civilians, hospitals, and nations, does he have to bomb, how much freedom do we have to lose before we take action?


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