I've talking to a lot of people recently about taking responsibility.

For all my life, I've done nothing but take responsibility where I needed to it. If I did something wrong, said something wrong, acted badly, it was my fault. I'm the one who did it. No one drove me to it.

I think these people talk more about taking responsibility for your life, that when faced with toxic situations, instead of wallowing in abusive relationships, you're the only one who can do anything about it. You're the one who has to leave. You're the one who has to find the confidence and ego. It has a hard thing to do when you're surrounded by people telling you how crap you are. It would be nice to have grown up in a supportive environment and being given the encouragement to break free.

What strikes me about people who talk about responsibility, is their total hypocrisy. They caused the problem and are now expected me to take responsibility for the damage that they've caused. It's my fault for the grenade that they lobbed.

If anything actually, these people are not taking responsibility. They say the right things, do the right things, but it's not genuine. They're happy in their bubble, and as long as the relationship brings benefit to them, they are happy to endure. They're the ones who are selfish, because relationship has to be on their terms, and their terms aren't give and take, their terms are receiving in some form - that may be material, financial, or a stroke of the ego.

You tell me to face it head on, but I faced it head on, I addressed it. I have no problem, and neither does anyone else except you. You're the one who never faced me head on, you're the one who never took responsibility. So don't lecture me on morality.


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